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The Score hero mod apk is one of the perfect gaming applications available. It provides the best gaming experience, especially for football lovers. Even if they are into FIFA like games, they will feel a whole new experience with this application. It comes up with unique 3D gameplay, and outstanding graphics may think you are playing the game in real.
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People love to experience the games for real. Score hero mod apk latest version aims to fulfill all requirements players needed. The story play of the game is unique and different from other gaming applications. It comes up with a unique storyline that impresses many players. One of the best things is you can also customize the players from their body structure, hairs, clothes, etc. It provides a more real feel of playing.

Football lovers will love this gaming application as it provides experience from an average player to the football legend. The game consists of more than 580 stages and levels. Each level polishes your gaming skills and lead you to become a legend of this game. It’s not just a game but a reality check that can also polish the skills of playing football. One can quickly get the tips to play with a team. Not just this, you can enjoy the game with your friends by connecting the application with Facebook.

Score hero mod apk is the best choice for the football lovers; it comprises tons of unique features that every football lover would love. In this article, we would provide you with the link of mod apk file that one can directly download it on their phones and detail about the application. So, you should read and make sure to download from the download button given below.

 Great for Football lovers

Football lovers always want some games that give a real feel of playing as they are really playing in the ground. The main purpose of Score hero mod apk is to bring a whole new experience in gaming with 3D graphics. One can easily download the application and enjoy the 500 plus levels and acquire the reality of gaming with friends and family.

Score hero mod apk latest version consists of all the features that can do wonders. The old version may not acts well and give some bugs to your Android phone. You should download the latest version to unlock all its features. One of the best things that distinguish this application from other gaming apps is high graphics and also connecting with people around the globe. According to reviewers, the more people involved in playing the game, the more you will enjoy it.

This game taught all about team play, team management, and also the power of good decisions. As I described above, the game feels like you really in the ground. It’s not to be played individually. One should play with the team and focus on the goals of being decided by the team. You can also select the country and the football ground where you want to play. This game is a great application for all football lovers, especially for the ones who want to become football legends.


Like many other applications, Score hero mod apk comes up with amazing features. Users mostly get attracted to this application because it values the players and provides all ease. From an easy user interface to the best graphics, you can get it all within this app. Features that made this application stand out are:

  • It comes up with 580 plus levels that can provide the opportunity of becoming football legends. The levels are quite tough, but players will enjoy it.
  • The gameplay provides the customization of players. One can easily customize the players accordingly, so it gives the real feel.
  • The best part of the application is 3D and graphics, as it looks like players are really playing the football ground. The 3D gameplay makes the game smooth and shots very clear.
  • The game also comprises artificial intelligence that let’s adjust the passes of the ball, which makes the game look unique.
  • The game also allows you to connect with your friends via Facebook. You can play in a team and play against other teams. It is said to be more fun when more people are connected to this game.
  • You can also sync the application and can access the game where you left through any device as long as you get a login with the same Google account. Syncing to Google gameplay also enables you to access the trophies and achievements you get in the game.
  • The story of the gameplay is very inspiring as it all started with a normal guy playing football and transformed into a football legend by acquiring all gaming skills.

Score hero mod apk iOS version is not yet available for iPhone users. We wish that this amazing application available on iOS as it comprises of the best graphics and with amazing other features that don’t let the user be bored and also allow customization accordingly.

The score hero mod apk latest version is comprised of all the features discussed above. In the old version, may you get a chance to unlock the customization feature and much more? Score hero mod apkpure is easily available, and one can easily download it.

 Why downloading Score hero mod apk from our website?

There are many websites and webpages available on the internet that claims to provide a mod apk file of score hero application. Most of them are trapped as they land users to another page with some confusing links. Our website provides a clear user interface to download the application. One-click on the link, and you can get a score hero mod on your Android phone.

Our aim is to give the user the advantage and ease of downloading and installing of application. One can easily download the application from our page along with all details of the application. The details will help you in knowing why this application is best from among all. One can easily make a comparison and download it. The best part is we give a clear interface for downloading. The user doesn’t need to rush toward other links to get opened or don’t even need to land on other pages. Simply click the link given below and follow the installation process steps.

Downloading the app from our website is all about ease. We aim to not landing our user to another window. Stay on the same page and download the mod apk file. One can easily get the link from the download button given below. Our policy is to provide ease to the user, not to confuse them, and not to make them feel stranger. Feel free to get more apps and games to download from our website.

 Score hero mod apk is not just a game.

Yes, you read it right. This game can also make you learn how to become a football legend from a normal player. Each and every level will teach you about how to play football with strategy and also made sure to keep on learning how to play with a team. The main purpose that is stated by the developer of the application himself was that this game is for the people who want to learn football tips and tricks. It’s a fun-loving gaming application. But one could easily learn a lot of things if observe the app deeply.

It is rated as five stars by the users because they stated that this application makes them pro footballer and also the 3D graphics make sure to look at the shots very clearly. One could easily get the feel as they are playing in the playground with the team. The best is that you could learn and earn unlimited money by scoring high and also by accomplishing the levels of the game.

App Details

The application details given here are of the latest version. I prefer all of you to download the latest version because it comes up with fewer bugs and zero updates. You can easily download the app on your Android phones. The latest version is 2.62 that comprised of all features and support to play the game with friends via connecting to the Facebook application.

Most users complain about the size of the application that is 93MB. It may slow down the process and system of your phone. But the main reason is 3D graphics. One could easily download it on Android 4.4 and more for fewer bugs. The good system requirements will let you enjoy the game to the fullest and don’t even hang the whole system of yours.

 Downloading & Installation process of Score Hero mod APK

Users always get pissed off when there is a large number of steps to be followed in downloading and installing the application. The more clean and clear interface of downloading the app, the more user get attracted. The download and installation process we discussed here is simple, with a very easy user interface.

Installation process

  • Click on the link below, and you will start getting notified that the application starts downloading.
  • You can see the percentage of how much application is installed.
  • After the installation is done, open the app on your Android phone.
  • Hurrah! You get score hero mod apk on your phone. Now enjoy.

This installation is very simple, and one can easily understand it. You simply need to click the link given above—no landing on other pages like other websites. Our first priority is to serve the user and to make them satisfy. You just need to click on the download button, and all you get the application in your phones right away.

Due to the easy installation process, people love to download apk from our websites. You can also get different other applications from this website that can easily be downloaded with no fuss.

Tips for playing Score hero mod apk

Score hero mod apk is one of the most popular gaming applications that footballers love to play. Even if they play FIFA, still score hero gives them a whole new experience. The 3D and amazing graphics make this gaming application a new boost in gaming. Everyone would love to learn tips and tricks to win the game and also want to learn some cheats so they can easily become a football legend by acquiring all skills available in the app.

The 3D graphics of the gameplay provide a good and clear focus on the ball and on every shot. The practice is needed to win the game and also some basics to know how this game actually works. As we know, this is a game to play in a group. So, group and team making skills are much required here. Some of the tips are:

The goal is your main focus.

Obviously, in football matches, the goal must be your main focus, and so does here in this game once you have goal strategy in your mind. Nobody could stop you from making the goal. Make sure to know that the goalkeeper is artificial intelligence, so you need to be very clever and to set your strategy accordingly.

Start slowly

As we all know, slowly and steadily wins the race. Follow this phrase also while playing this game as slowly make out the strategies and acquire all the skills. One could learn the skills of becoming a football legend and can easily follow it.

Play with team

This game is all about team play, not individual. One should learn to play the game in a team. Team building and decision power are what make you win the game. This is not just a game as it also gives you the skills of professional footballers.

Practice your shots

The more you practice curve shots, the more chances that you can easily goal on behalf of your team. The more you move on in the game levels, you will come to know how difficult the game is—planning and strategies only one thing that can make you win the game.

Score hero mod apk is not just a game. You can acquire different gaming skills if you take it seriously and observe the game deeply. With the game, you can get a chance to polish your basic footballing skills. This is the foremost and most popular game among football lovers. With 3D graphics, one can actually feel the game for real, and also the customization in the game allows the user to change the player accordingly, so the game doesn’t sound boring for the users.

The developer also makes sure that every user can play the game with their friends, to make a comfortable and fun-loving environment. For this, you simply need to connect the application with Facebook and can play the game with your Facebook friends by giving the invitation to playing games. The player can either team up with them or play against them.

FAQs Related to Score Hero Mod APK

Many people have different questions and confusions related to Score hero mod apk. Here I try to summarize all questions and answer the queries as well.

Is score hero mod apk safe to play on Android phones?

Yes! It is safe to play the application. You can easily install the application without worrying about losing personal data and so on.

Is it available for free?

Yes! You can download the score hero mod apk latest version for free. With just one click from the download link above mentioned on the website, you can simply click and download it.

What is the size of the application and system requirements?

The file size of the latest version is 93MB because of 3D graphics involved in the application. Android 4.4 and more system can play this game without any bugs.

Are score hero mod apk iOS available?

Unfortunately, score hero mod apk iOS is not yet available. Only Android users can enjoy the application.


Football lovers must know that FIFA was one of the most popular gaming applications. Every football lover must download FIFA on their phones. But even old FIFA players love to play the Score hero game because of its amazing graphics. The 3D graphics make this gaming application a boost in its popularity. It gives the feel of reality and can easily make you feel as you are playing the football in reality based football ground.


Score hero application is secure to be installed, but still some of the information about score hero mod apk one should read includes:

This game is free to play, and the mod apk is also free of cost, but additional game items can be purchased for real money.

This game uses mobile data and Wi-Fi to update the application. You can turn off mobile data in order to save your data.

This application also contains a third party advertisement, but by purchasing it, you can get rid of the ads and also use ad-blockers.

Final Verdict

Score hero mod apk is one of the popular gaming applications, with a 5-star rating. Reviewers review it as one of the best graphics football applications available. 3D graphics gives feel as the players are playing in real. The other features that make this application distinguish from others are that one can easily connect with other friends through Facebook. People would love to connect and play the game with friends.

The game size and the system requirement is mentioned so you could get more beneficial from the application. It can be downloaded on the low version of Android, but maybe you get annoyed by your slow system. It is better to use the system, as mentioned above. I personally love this application because of tons of amazing features and also the best part that is available for free. Android users can enjoy football matches to the next level with 3D graphics.

The process of downloading and installing is very easy. One can get the application with just one click.

You can easily install the application on Android phones, but unfortunately, the application is not available for iOS users. We hope that these amazing graphics available on iOS as well.

Despite all the features, the best one is that one could easily customize the players and enjoy the game accordingly. Playing other games may get you bore because you can’t customize the characters and simply keep playing with the boring interface. Score hero provides customization to the next level that makes you feel the game to reality, and one could easily make sure that the game is not just a game, but it gives the opportunity to learn many skills related to football.

Android users can easily enjoy the application and can unlock all the features with score hero mod apk latest version. Unlocking the features can make players explore all new things in the application. From customization to syncing the Google play, one can easily play and get benefits from getting the tips of becoming a football legend. The legend needs to go through tough levels. The game comes up with more than 580 levels, so to achieve the trophy of a legend footballer, the players need to learn the tips and tricks mentioned in the article above.

Downloading the mod apk file is very easy from our website, as we make sure to facilitate the use by giving authentic link of download. With just one click and by staying on the same page, you can get your application on your Android phone. By completing the installation process, you will get the app and enjoy playing it with your friends via the Facebook application. One could simply make teams and play the game. As it is discovered that the more players involved, the more this game provides fun and knowledge.

Download score hero mod apk and acquire all skills of footballing from the game by deeply analyzing the gaming strategy and also playing with different players around the globe.

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