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Hustle Castle mod Apk is a new, popular and very interesting game from the BV studio for Android. On google play, this game released free and around the world millions of users time to date by android. This game introduced first time in Iran by presenting the original version and rejoicing.
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Hustle Castle mod Apk is a new, popular and very interesting game from the BV Studio for Android. On google play, this game released free and around the world millions of users time to date by android. This game introduced first time in Iran by presenting the original version and rejoicing. Hustle Castle mod Apk is the best game if you are an enthusiast. Start new people and assign them different tasks and land from your land from fantasy kingdom on your Android device, command a medieval castle. Defend it! When you are, building and upgrading your castle defeat your rivals and defeat the law of physics. Give the training of the warrior military and see how the army defeats the grave! Hustle Castle mod Apk is the game of management. In this game, you can do all kind of task like:

  • Marrying people
  • Reproducing
  • Building towers and more.

Do not miss the Hustle castle mod Apk if you a fan of the RPG games. This game will make you to feel like a king. In this game, you have to complete responsibility and the power of decision because you will give a castle. For the player to make this game too much interesting high strategical thinking is to be required. From his or her own mind, the player can manage the whole castle. In order to keep the castle safe, you need to perform all the construction. For the better working of your castle system, you also need to train your army troop. You must provide safety to your castle from the attackers and the attack of the other castle.

Features of the Hustle Castle mod Apk:

The feature of the hustle Castle mod apk are:

  • Free diamond
  • Unlimited gold
  • Coupons
  • Need of rooting is removed
  • All premium purchases provided free
  • Many of the other great features
  • By the developers, excellent graphics are provided which makes your gaming smooth and realistic
  • In this game, the strategies used to make you involve fully and enjoy the gaming experience fully.
  • You can easily play this game because this game does not require much more.
  • It carries an easy user interface. Hence, it is easy for players to play kingdom and castles mods Apk.

Info of Hustle castle mod Apk:

App Name Hustle Castle
Version 1.36.1
Size  107MB
Category Strategy
Root requirement: No
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Downloads 10,000,000+
Powered By B.V

Fallout shelter:

Hustle castle closely related to the fallout shelter. It is like a clone game. About this game, I still find out a lot of fun and interesting thing. In this, game things will become easier because fallout shelter requires you to have a specific plan. In hustle castle mod apk unlimited gems, there are many characters and each character has its own story and lines. That is a reason the story of the hustle castle down mod Apk begins suddenly and lacks depth. This game start with the lord Abyss starting the war with the whole kingdom. Lord Abyss kidnaps the princess and forces her to get married. You need to build your kingdom as a king then fight the Lord Abys and save the beautiful princes. Like Fallout Shelter in this game, your mission is to build a big castle with many different rooms. Each room has its important own role. Three main types of the rooms are given.

1: Producing room

2: Training room

3: Support room

The detail of these three kind of room is:

Producing room:

The basic room of the castle is the producing room. It has the effect on producing and the storing the resources. Number of room types are included in this category such as:

  • Treasury
  • Dinning
  • Mena pool
  • Mana well


This room used to store money and gold.


This room is for food storage.

Mana pool and mana well:

Mana pool and mana well both are for storing mana.

Some types of wood storage and producing rooms, iron and other resources.

Training room:

In Hustle Castle, mod Apk this type of room used to train your resident. Each of the training room corresponds to the occupation of a resident like:

  • Fighter training room
  • Kitchen
  • Smithy

Support room:

In Hustle, castle mod Apk the support room with the effect of making weapons and restoring health for the gladiators.


  • Hospital
  • Magic workshop


Hospital work to restore and heal gladiator

Magic workshop:

Magic lab is where you create magic and enhance them. To connect between the rooms in your castle the stairs help you.

In addition, the throne room has the effect of unlocking of the new room and upgrading them. The level of the each room cannot exceed the level of the throne room. Arsenal helps you to upgrade defenses for the castle, against the attacks of enemies.

How to download the Hustle Castle mod Apk?

You will be introduced to the world of magic, illusion, medieval time, and much more as soon as you will download the game. This game is too much adventurous which will the entice imagination of the player. Here, you will be able to use the skills like:

  • Archery
  • Fighting
  • Stealth and much more to defeat the enemies.

In this game, the hustle castle fantasy kingdom designed that closely related to the castle of the real world. This game make the players to feel like they are really in the middle of a movie.

Step 1: hustle castle mod apk unlimited money and gems Apk file

Step 2: Store the downloaded Apk in your phone or SD card

Step3: Now, go to your mobile setting

Step 4:  Now go towards the security > Allow Apps from unknown sources (check it).

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